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hattori naika insite
hattori naika insite
hattori naika insite

1) With the attitude that patient-centered treatment is most important, not only a simple cure but also progress toward the power of natural healing and prevention of disease are my main aims.

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2) To carry out medical treatment for the whole person, the physical body and mind must combine, at the same time considering which treatment to administer. Also, overall lifestyle must be enlightened or educational activity carried out so that lifestyle related diseases may be tackled.

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3) From simply providing medical treatment to positive self-participation in treatment by the patient. To this end, complete information exchange with patients, mutual trust and a good human relationship are what I consider to be most important.

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4) Making use of the nearby Kobe University Hospital medical network and in cooperation with large mainstream hospitals, patients can expect the very best in medical treatment.

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5) Using innovative electronic medical charts easily understood explanations, perfect preservation of patient medical records, shortening of waiting time, medical appointments will be possible.

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6) Not only modern Western medicine, but consultation regarding complementary alternative medical treatment is also welcome. Also I aim to practice the integrative medical treatment. To this end I have taken courses in Integrative Medicine under the auspices of Dr Andrew Weil of Arizona University Medical School. Here in Japan I play an active part in the Japanese Association for Alternative, Complementary and Traditional Medicine (JACT, President: Dr. Atsumi ).
"The definition of Integrative medicine" Integrative medicine is healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person (body,mind and spirit), including all aspects of life-style.
It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative.

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7) Finally, regarding the above, step by step we can gain a feeling of well-being if we can make time and space in our hearts. Warmth, calmness and a gentle glowing feeling of our surroundings true health is the aim of such medical activity.

Flower Road Hattori Naika,sannomiya,kobe,hyougo,japan
From Sannomiya mainline stations (JR, Hankyu, Hanshin) 3 minutes walk to the north, Flower Road.
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hypertension,high blood fat,arterio-sclerosis,obesity, diabetes,heart disease,Integrative medicine,etc.

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